We take science way too seriously...

Science has given us the nuclear bomb and the first footsteps on the moon. The modern world has been built by science, yet most people find it hard to explain what our Sun is in a single, coherent sentence. Here at Yeah Science, we understand how serious science is.


At Yeah Science, we create fun science content to make people wonder about their reality, and hopefully get a grasp on it. We entertain to help people understand the world better, and try to explain hard scientific topics in an easy way.

The past and future of exoplanet studies

Lucas Ellerbroek is an astronomer and writer of the book ‘Planet Hunters: the search for extraterrestrial life’. He is also the Institute Manager of the Anton Pannekoek astronomy department of the University of Amsterdam. In our conversation today we’re exploring how far we will be able to peek into other solar systems in the coming […]...

We need a mission to look for alien life on Enceladus

Enceladus is the best candidate to look for life in our solar system right now. Enceladus is a tiny snowball compared to its daddy Saturn, the huge planet Enceladus goes around. Saturn’s hugeness causes so much friction in the core of Enceladus that it melted the ice around it. In other words: Enceladus has a liquid […]...

How unique is the Earth really?

There is an amazing hunt for ‘Earth 2.0’ going on. In recent years, thousands of exoplanets have been found. In the coming years, we might find out if one of them harbors life. Or you can watch it on Youtube here...

Thys Roes

Yeah Science is run by science journalist Thys Roes from Amsterdam. After dividing his time between the Netherlands and the United States, he realized borders were a human construct. He then burned all his money and lived with monkeys for a while.
Now he's back, ready to tell stories and help.
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